Stopping the collapse of the park for the intersection before the construction machine

Construction of the junction in front of the construction of the construction of the intersection stopped by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in front of the cable car in front of the city parked in front of the intersection of nature and the Environment Protection Society (DOGADER) and People's Houses members, business machines stopped in front of the work stopped.
Metropolitan Municipality, Uludag used to exit the cable car in front of the park to be demolished and decided to make the intersection. In the morning, municipal machines came to the park in front of the cable car and began excavation work. Hearing this and the member of the Chamber of Chemical Engineers Bursa Branch Ali Ali Uluşahin and a member of the People's Houses 20 group came to the park and passed the front of the machine.
The protesters stopped working and the municipal officials stopped working, while the members of the DOGADER and the People's Houses called out to the crowd who were watching them with their megaphones. Ulushahin, sitting on the work machine and stopping work in the parking lot, said:
“This is one of the few green park areas in Bursa. In city plans, this is referred to as a parking area. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has decided to do junction work illegally here. As long as these green areas are destroyed, Bursa will not be able to breathe. We will do our best to stop this unlawful business. ”
There were many police teams in the parking area for the action taken by DOGADER and the People's Houses. The police took security measures while the surrounding area also watched the activists. As the environmentalists continued their action, the construction of the intersection stopped.




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