No escape from controversial toll

No escape from the controversial toll: The first reading of the draft law on the toll was made yesterday's session of the Federal Assembly. The ruling partner of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) stated that the proxies were issues to be clarified in the bill. Opposition, the Minister of Transport Alexander Dobrindt (CSU) plans to 'be thrown into the garbage' he criticized.
The CS toll law ası, the main action of the Christian Social Union (CSU), a small coalition partner, was discussed yesterday in the Bundestag. The first session on the draft law called ti infrastructure tax apı was controversial.
Federal Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt (CSU) defended the highway toll project as a 'real system change' in terms of infrastructure financing. Dobrindt emphasized that this fee is ı fair, logical and correct sayesinde and stated that the infrastructure expenses are met with tax and the new application will be charged free of charge so far. Dobrindt pointed out that this project will generate additional revenue of 500 million euros.
A cautious statement came from the ruling Social Democratic Party (SPD). Deputy Chairman of the SPD Bundestag Group Sören Bartol, this law agreed in the Grand Coalition Agreement will be accepted, but said it should be clarified on certain issues.
be spent on bureaucratic processes of the revenue to be derived In addition, the recording of personal data and voicing issues such as the impact on the application's border regions Bartoli said, "No bill can not be considered as submitted to the Federal Assembly", he pointed out. Bartol also said there was a need for time for reading and discussion on the draft law, not to be rushed.
CSU's transport policies sözcüSü Ulrich Lange stressed that the draft bill will be adopted quickly. CDU's Steffen Bilger also argued that investment in infrastructure will not depend on the state of the budget, thanks to the additional income. The Federal Government wants to pass this bill within four weeks.
The opposition demanded that this plan be stopped. "The toll and the minister should be removed from circulation immediately," said Herbert Behrens, left party. Behrens, foreign vehicle users targeting this fee 'Pegida-Fee' was evaluated.
Oliver Krischer, Vice-President of the Federal Assembly of Greens, stressed that this practice is not a significant additional benefit, but rather a 'bureaucracy'. He said the toll road to the European Court of Justice would return applications Krisch, this plan "CSU's awkward, absurd projects in the dumps" adding that it should be discarded.



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