TCDD Statistics Yearbook 2013

TCDD Statistical Yearbook 2013: TCDD Railway Annual Statistics information including the years between 009-2013 has been published. TCDD has 2013 personnel according to 29.901 data. The number of passengers carried by the YHT, which carries 88 passengers with 12 sets operated on 1.185.377 km long high-speed train lines, in 2013 was 4.207.324. The length of the existing conventional lines is 12.097 km. 3.304 km of these lines serve as electricity lines. There are 3.314 tunnels, 804 bridges and culverts on the railway lines, which are 25.537 level crossings in total. For more detailed information, please click on the link below:

TCDD Statistics Yearbook 2013



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