TCDD is putting another signature on T Innovation in Employment T

TCDD puts its signature under another first in Innovation in Employment Yenilik: The innovative TCDD continues its journey to the future. TCDD renews its employment policies in accordance with the conditions of the day. The demands of our Entity 50 machinist elections before the appointment and training of workers Entity our Turkey Business Association (TEO) to be signed between the Vocational Training Courses will be conducted in accordance with the cooperation protocol.

The course will be the first program to be implemented among the Public Institutions and Institutions for the employment of qualified labor force within the scope of ISKUR's Active Labor Force Services.

Ankara Education Center Deputy Director Cüneyt Türkkuşu, Deputy Director of the 3rd Regional Directorate Ümit Sezer Mocan, Muzaffer Karabulut, Director of the 6th Regional Directorate, and the Director of the Non-formal Education Department of the Education and Training Department In order to finalize the Kızılboğa cooperation protocol, İŞKUR Izmir Provincial Director Zafer Şener and Konak Service Center officials came together at a meeting in Izmir. In his speech at the opening of the meeting, İŞKUR İzmir Provincial Deputy Director Zafer Şener stated that they applied many new employment models and training programs by İŞKUR in order to improve employment, and that their positive effects on employment level will increase with time. 3. We would like to thank İŞKUR for the cooperation on behalf of our organization, emphasizing that this model will provide very important contributions in reducing the labor and education costs, "said Nizametdin Çiçek, Deputy Regional Manager.

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