Ski lovers who prefer Sarıkamış wants night lighting

Ski lovers who prefer the Sarıkamış wants night lighting: Serhat Development Agency (SERKA), Sarikamis Winter Sports Tourism Center conducted field research. The results of the night skiing in the evening came to the fore due to the fact that the lack of skiing was a complaint.

In the research, front office services provided in accommodation facilities, evaluations about rooms, restaurants, bars and general opinions about the hotel, as well as runways, mechanical facilities, eating and drinking places on the runways, entertainment opportunities for children and views about Sarıkamış city center, with face-to-face survey application It was evaluated. The analysis of the 289 questionnaire yielded remarkable results. In the research on the guests,% 80,7 of the participants expressed their satisfaction with the front desk services, especially the staff were satisfied with the courtesy.

The results of the research announced to the public, “Guests market, hairdresser, bath, etc. other services and rooms related to the work should be given priority. It is stated that the type and quality of food in restaurants should be stabilized especially in beverage options and prices in bars. Nearly half of the respondents think that the gardens in the accommodation facilities are inadequate. 43,3 percent of customers want post-ski activities, 34,9 percent of night entertainment and 24,8 percent of children want to work on entertainment opportunities. Guests are very satisfied with the quality of the snow, the length of the slopes, the capacity and the diversity, especially the beauty of the natural environment, while three out of five respondents are unable to ski in the evening. In the light of this data, it becomes necessary to complete the lighting infrastructure implemented in the first stage of the ski resort and to offer guests the opportunity to ski in the evening.

Unfortunately, the guests coming to the ski resort are not interested in the city center Sarikamis in this context, the city center to provide a holistic renewal and eating - drinking, entertainment, shopping opportunities in terms of attracting and delighting the guests should be established that should be expressed.

One of the most important factors in terms of increasing the accessibility of the region is to arrange airplane transportation and to increase the number of flights.