Siirtte signaling work

Signaling work in Siirt: Renovation and cleaning work was carried out in the traffic signaling systems in Siirt. Highways 94. Branch Chief Sabahattin Direk said that they are carrying out renewal and cleaning work in the traffic signaling systems in the city center.
Stating that their priority is the safety of life and property of drivers, Direk said, “For this purpose, we continue our efforts to make them go to the traffic in a more comfortable and safer manner. We have started a study for the first time in traffic signaling systems in the city center since they were installed. "We made the necessary cleaning work while eliminating these deficiencies in systems with deficiencies."
Direk added that they will carry out the necessary cleaning works on the roadsides with the road cleaning vehicle brought from the Diyarbakır 9th Regional Directorate of Highways.


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