Quiet, reliable and environmentally friendly motorways

Quiet, reliable and environmentally friendly highways: Traffic on highways creates a lot of noise pollution. The main reason is not the car engines. The sound of tires rubbing against the road surface is the main source of this noise.
Danish researchers made some experiments to find a solution to this problem. In the experiments, some parts of the road were covered with a special product to reduce the noise produced by the wheels.
The noise and surface characteristics specialist PERSUADE Project Coordinator Luc Goubert of the Belgian Road Research Center (BRRC) said about the tests: For this you have three parameters: the texture of the floor, its handling and flexibility. The flexibility of the road surface is a parameter that has not been investigated enough until now. Yol
According to Hans Bendtsen, who researches traffic-related noises, acoustic measurements show that this flexible road surface has reduced disturbing traffic noise by 85. Üyor Here we see that the sound decreases by about 8 decibels. This is a very important development. To reduce the same amount of noise, you need to install 3-meter sound-absorbing walls around the highway. Aynı
Annette Neidel, who conducts laboratory experiments on the subject, bases these results on such good results as a result of permanent improvements in the laboratory environment, absorbing the rain water of the substrate and the more contact of the tire with the floor. Neidel, the content of the product inden This elastic material is made of crushed used car tires and crushed granite. These substances are being adhered together with polyurethane. Bu
Covering roads with used car tires is not a new idea. However, previous undertakings have raised serious problems with the durability and other critical characteristics of this product.
Researcher Hans Bendtsen said, m We are trying to develop a product that is good in road handling, reasonable in price, durable and high in sound. Araştırma
The good grip of the tires is important for traffic safety. Some research is being done in Sweden to improve this. Even in winter, you can get a better grip on the material containing this rubber than the asphalt surface.
At the Swedish National Institute of Road and Transport (VTI), researcher Carl Södergren said that they measured the road holding level with a special vehicle: Ulaşım I measure road holding with this special five-wheel drive. I can lower the wheel with this button and determine the grip level of this particular road surface. Şu
Another researcher, Ulf Sandberg: as This road surface is definitely too expensive for a normal asphalt. However, we think it should be used as an alternative to sound-absorbing walls, which are also very costly. So this product is a suitable option for these situations. Yani
But is this substance sufficiently durable? Researchers have been testing for years how resistant the surface is to the traffic load with a rotating mechanism. As a result of the test, the rate of wear and pollution of the product is measured.
Bjorn Kalman underlined that they achieved positive results as a result of this experiment: lar We know that the elastic surface is more durable than a normal asphalt. We're measuring how much dust is spreading in the air. After all, this road surface emits less dust than asphalt. Sonuçta
Researchers believe that this product will replace the sound-absorbing walls on European roads in the near future.

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