Sekapark-Otogar tram line auction 12 on February (Video)

Sekapark-Otogar tram line tender 12 in February: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality opened a tender for the consultancy works on the tram line between Sekapark-Otogar which will start construction in April. The tender 12 will be held in February.

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu promised before the 30 March elections, the first stage of the rail system passenger transportation system Sekapark-Otogar Tramway project consulting tender 12 will be held in February. The tender includes approximately 7 km long Tramway Main Line, total 11 units and approximately 30.000 m2 warehouse, workshop building and connected line rail transport system construction supervision, consultancy and engineering works. The tender 12 will be held on Thursday, Thursday at the Metropolitan Municipality building at 14.00.

Following the work that lasted approximately 9 months in Izmit center, Sekapark-Gar-Fevziye Mosque-Yenicuma-Fuar-Governor-Doğu Kışla-N between the tram station and Sekapark. Kemal High School-Kaymakamlik-Yahya Captain-Bus route was decided to take the route. According to this, the tram line, which will depart from the bus station, along Hanlı Street, will proceed along Yahya Kaptan in Salkım Söğüt Street-Sarı Mimoza Avenue-Necip Fazıl Avenue. From here, in the middle part of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Boulevard, Kaymakamlık-N-Kemal Lisesi-M. Ali Pasha Mosque line will be passed. Parallel to the tram line D-100, which will land from the west of East Kışla Park to the D-100 Highway, Şehit Rafet will go behind the Governor's complex in the northern part of Karacan Boulevard. The line, which stretches from Hafiz Major Street to D-100, will continue in parallel with D-100 from across the Fair. From the Yeni Cuma Mosque, the tram line going to Şehabettin Bilgisu Street will come to the Central Bank from the horse of the Fevziye Mosque and from the northern part of the İstasyon Street to the Seka Park.



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