Seamless Transportation Begins in Bursa

Uninterrupted Transportation Has Started in Bursa: In BursaRay flights, which stopped after the crane, which was overthrown due to the violent lodos in Bursa, damaged the tracks as well as the lines, and then some of them were reopened to service.

Metropolitan Municipality in a written statement, last week, and the speed of time to time up to 130 per hour with the effect of the severe lodos damaged by the light rail system line was repaired by the intensive work of the BURULAŞ teams announced that the malfunctions. The statement recorded:

“With the works carried out day and night throughout the week, the department, which was first between the University and the Labor stations, and the Caryatağı Station, was opened to transportation in a short time. Expeditions were canceled due to breaks in the area between the Caryatagi Station and Kestel. After the maintenance and repair works carried out by BURULAŞ on the Kestel line with 4 different teams day and night, the test drives and controls of the line were carried out last night. BursaRay Kestel line started to operate again at 06.50 this morning, much earlier than expected after the repair was completed.

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