Bursaray flights started (Video)

Bursaray flights have started: Burulaş teams are making an intensive work to start the Bursaray flights, which are followed by heavy lodos in Bursa. In a statement by Burulaş; 3 February Tuesday morning, Demirtaşpaşa Station will open the transportation between the University and the Labor, the work will continue until the morning and the Duaçınarı Station until the opening of the section was aimed to be opened.

In Bursa, the speed of time lodos, which reaches up to 130 kilometers per hour, overturned roofs, billboards and electric poles, gave the most important harm to life in the city, and the most important loss was negative. As a result of the overturning of the crane used in the construction of the stadium due to lodos, the breaks on the line occurred along the 1 kilometer with the stretching of the Bursaray kataner wire. In the incident, crane parts were damaged by traverses and rails, while roof parts falling on lines between the High Specialization Hospital and the Arabayağı station caused energy cables to break at this point. Expeditions have been canceled in this region due to the breaks in Kestel region.

Feverish work
Burulaş General Manager Levent Fidansoy, who came to the scene immediately after the crane accident and made an examination with his technical team, mobilized all teams to repair both the power lines and the damaged rails as soon as possible. While the repair work, which was initiated by lifting the overturned crane over the rails, continued uninterruptedly, the work was mainly concentrated between the Novices and High Specialization - Arabayatağı Stations. While repair work continues on the rails with the traverse, which is broken under the crane, energy lines are also pulled. Expressing that they are working hard to start Bursaray flights as soon as possible, Fidansoy emphasized that from the morning on Tuesday, February 3, transportation between Demirtaşpaşa Station and University and Emek can be made. It was stated that the works will continue until the morning, while the part of the line up to Duaçınarı Station is planned to be opened on Tuesday, February 3. It is aimed that the problem between Duaçınarı - Arabayatağı Stations will be solved as soon as possible and the part of the line up to Arabayatğı will be opened to transportation as soon as possible.





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