Şarköy Road is in progress

Şarköy Road is in progress: Burhaniye Municipality Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Small Industrial Site Caddesi studies started. In the last weeks, the project phase was completed and after the necessary control and works of the Directorate of Science Works, the dismantling of the Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Küçük Sanayi Sitesi Caddesi, known as Şarköy Road, started.
Burhaniye Municipality work machines quickly started the road construction work asphalt road dismantling after the work will continue. The new version of the road where asphalt pavement is present and where there are no walking areas for pedestrians; pavement arrangements will be made for pedestrians, including medium and side refuges. Burhaniye, which is among the most used roads on the way to Şarköy both due to vehicle traffic and parked vehicles due to irregularity, will be eliminated with the new project. Besides the greening of the central boulevards and side boulevards, there will be parking pockets for the 100 vehicle on the left side of the road. The existing asphalt road will be dismantled and the pavement stone will be laid on the road, parking lots and pedestrian pavements will be arranged as paving stones. President Uysal stated that the complaints about the street where the majority of tradesmen are coming are constantly. .
Construction machinery, heavy tonnage trucks use this way because of the roads are not healthy. As a solution to this path, we think it will be healthier by laying pine stone instead of asphalt road. And we will get a more modern look with the works of meditation and greening. Ve



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