Sarıkamış became the venue of skiers

Sarikamis was the venue of skiers: Sarıkamış Cıbıltepe Ski Center was the location of the ski lovers.

Noting that the crystal snow located in the Alps is only in Cıbıltepe Ski Center in the world, Kemal Aydın, the General Manager of Çam-Kar Hotel, said that those who want to enjoy skiing through scotch pine trees about 2 a thousand meters prefer Sarıkamış.

Aydın said, l Cıbıltepe Ski Center is really unique. First of all, 2 is a center covered with yellow pine forests that are rarely seen on Earth. This has different advantages. Of course, there is the possibility to ski safely away from the avalanche danger. Would you mind aba avalanche Gön with the peace of mind? Everyone can jump on the unique tracks of Sarikamis without being worried. End

In the Cıbıltepe Ski Center, Kemal Aydın, the General Manager of Çam-Kar Hotel, pointed out that the sober traces of wild animals gave a distinct taste, and said, ın While watching the footprints of wild animals, watching, watching, gives people a distinct taste. You can ski in the sounds of birds are very easy to access. Çok

Stating that the slopes of Sarikamis do not prefer other ski resorts, Aydin said, kayak The quality of the snow in Sarikamis is known in the world. Sarıkamış'a come later to choose another place. So Sarıkamış has a significant profit quality. It is a comfortable environment, very good hotel facilities and a very comfortable environment for those who come to rest. It is a one-to-one ski resort especially for those who want to listen to their head, relax, get away from the work environment and stress. With this privilege, Sarikamis is advantageous from other ski resorts. We are waiting for everyone who wants to relax, want to relax Sarikamis mek.

On the other hand, to spend the holiday holidays in Sarıkamış ski lovers kept. There are many skiers from abroad and abroad who enjoy the skiing in Cıbıltepe.