Fault Execution Exercise

Fault Execution in Samulaş was Performed: Samsun SAMULAŞ A.Ş. in the light rail system he was operating, he made a drill to create an effective response capacity to possible vehicle failures.

Providing light rail system service in Samsun, SAMULAŞ A.Ş. In line with the vehicle breakdown scenario created, a practice was conducted to create an effective response capacity for possible vehicle breakdowns in the light rail system. During the exercise, the light rail system vehicle numbered 5517, which was returning to the vehicle depot after completing its usual voyage, reported a malfunction to the TCC Center between the Station - Meydan Stations. When the vatman could not fix the malfunction of the vehicle in line with the routine vehicle breakdown procedure of the TCC Center, the crew on duty was directed to the breakdown site. The on-duty technical team, which reached the defective vehicle in 15 minutes, resolved the malfunction 25 minutes after the malfunction notification and started the light rail system vehicle and opened the line. It has been announced that the practice aimed at improving the institutional capacity in terms of coordination in vehicle breakdowns, minimizing the response times and opening the rail system line to transportation as soon as possible will continue in line with SAMULAŞ 2015 work program.


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