Samsun fast train waits more

Samsun fast train waits more: görün About 10 started to be talked about years ago ağ with the expressions of the politicians who do not intend to choose a high-speed tragic pilgrimage, but it is not as shallow and simple as it seems.

There's depth. You think the fast train will come from under the ground.

we learn that anywhere in the Samsun, Turkey's first railways need to look at a job before their related policies, even not enough, we need to go down to the Ottoman ..

  1. An agreement was signed between Abdulhamit and the Germans in 1888 for the construction of the Mersin-Iskenderun-Basra Gulf railway. 15.000 Frank was given snow profit per kilometer. 24 Sanjak's tithe was passed to the Germans. The territory where the railway will pass is free to the Germans with the freedom of reconstruction. Sand, gravel and stone quarries were offered free of charge to Germans. The archaeological artifacts of the ancient civilizations during the construction were left to the Germans under the agreement. For the Berlin-Baghdad-Basra line, in total 4.080.000 gold pounds were paid to the Germans. Total 8619 was built on the railway. Since the year 1856 interrupted the payments, the railway debts were merged with other debts and the DÜYUN-U UMUMİYE was established and the Ottoman revenues were confiscated.

Ottoman Empire collapsed, the Republic of Turkey was founded. 8619 km rail 4112 km rail was left for us, the other was deported. So, the 4507 km railway went to foreigners. 3756 km railway in've gone to foreigners, the Republic of Turkey're just 356 km long railway.

Izmir Economy Congress was held at 1923. Construction of the railways was also included in the basic development plan. But since we were out of the war and we were exhausted, it was understood that the US was given without any concessions made by Abdulhamit. This project, which will extend to Kirkuk and Mosul, led the British to love the project for oil lovers.

The national railway project undertaken by İnönü, which Atatürk has drawn his strategy, has been developed remarkably by then-minister Behiç ERKİN. 1923-1938 3756 42.515.486 6927 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX So we had the XNUMX km railway.

DP came to power. The railway project has changed radically. With the Marshall plan drunkenness, the US boarding company DP gave importance to the, highway uyla for the interests of US oil companies. US delegation to Turkey, "the truck-load transport, benefiting our priority, otherwise the credit will not," he said ..

TCDD Vocational high schools, hospitals and Derince Travers factory were closed. Loads of less than 500 are not accepted etc. etc ..

Let us today;

The current government forcibly retired TCDD personnel, the private sector was revised on railways, the 13 train line was shut down, the 100 train was removed, Pamukkale and Toros were in dreams.

As for the fast train issue;

Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train line was decided to be built and laid the foundation in 1976. The big tunnels, including the Ayaş tunnel, were opened, the tracks were laid. However, this line was forgotten by Turgut ÖZAL, Mesut YILMAZ and with the AKP government because of the difficult geographical conditions. Not a single nail.

The work went on from Abdülhamit period, Ankara-Eskişehir-Bilecik-Istanbul line, despite the warnings of the whole world and experts went on until the start of high-speed train services without adequate infrastructure. The aim was to say, ”We started, we did. Amaç 2004 was an accident, 48 died. The “ANKARA-ESKİŞEHİR line m was still on the expedition to save the prestige and manage the perception. Although Konya and Eskişehir can be reached by road in Ankara at 3 hour, the train was still run.

In other words, there is no urgency problem in these lines. The problem of urgency exists in Ankara-Samsun. So why can't it be done?

Because they leave the Ankara-Samsun line, because the geography is difficult to finish the Ankara-Istanbul (Ayaş tunnel) high-speed train line, even as Ankara-Eskisehir-Bilecik-Istanbul have changed. Although this is the case, the politicians quickly place the high-speed train on the agenda every election time.

Let's say, quickly entering quickly exits ..

Samsun expects more çok that train “..

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