Sakarya Metropolitan 6 Builds Bridge

Sakarya Metropolitan 6 Bridge Builds: Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu made evaluations about bridge construction and renovation works in full speed throughout the city
Mayor of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, Zeki Toçoğlu, made evaluations about the construction and renovation works of the bridge in the city. Extending the boundaries of metropolitan service with an important link in the connection between the districts of the ancient bridges that started extensive work in the President who stated that with the new law, the city's transportation security under the assurance of the Metropolitan underlined.
Providing information about the ongoing projects, President Toçoğlu said, To Our renovation works have been completed at the Karapürçek Uludere Bridge, which was damaged in the flood disaster in the previous summer months. The new bridge with 18 meter length and 10 meter width is now safer. Asphalt works on the route connected to the bridge has ended. Renewed Uludere Bridge Karapürçeklı get better for our fellow citizens, Yen he said. Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu said, eski On the route known as Old Ankara Road, our demolition works were completed on the old bridge at the entrance of Çatalköprü neighborhood. In the scope of our bridge renovation project, we have provided detailed information to the citizens living in the region on the basis of alternative routes. Mr. Toçoğlu said, ğinde We are continuing to work at Pamukova Çardak Bridge, which will be built in 2 meters long and 56 meters wide. Approximately 13 million TL investment in our project after the completion of our work will be further increased the safety of transportation between Pamukova and Geyve de he said.
Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu,'n Geyve Karaçay Bridge continues to work at full speed. Our teams completed the demolition work on the bridge. The laying process ended. The Karaçay Bridge, which has an important place in Geyve district transportation, will be 26 meters long and 21 meters wide. The bridge that we built with an investment of approximately 1,5 million TL will be made available to our Geyveli citizens in a short period of time Yaklaşık. Referring to the renovation works in Akyazı, President Toçoğlu said, Ak We have stated that we will start two bridge construction projects in Akyazı. In this context, we have completed our works at the Salihiye Bridge, which is built in 54 meters long and 15 meters wide. We have temporarily opened the route to traffic. Hopefully we will take the asphalt of the road which is connected to the bridge as soon as possible. On the other hand, our location for Akyazı Bedil Kazancı Bridge was completed. I hope we will build a new 2 meter long 82 meter-long bridge with 13 meter width. Good luck to Akyazı. Ak




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