Railroad photography and cartoon exhibition Diyarbakır Garda opened

Diyarbakir Garda, a photography and caricature exhibition on the railway, was opened: On February 13, the "railway-based photography and caricature exhibition", organized on the occasion of the 84th anniversary of Atatürk's arrival in Malatya, was opened in Diyarbakır Station.

The intense interest in the exhibition was interpreted as the reflection of the love and interest in the railway, especially the participation of the students.

Regional Manager Üzeyir ÜLKER opened the exhibition and offered chocolate to the participants and told the messages the cartoons wanted to give.

The exhibition hosted its visitors for three days. Diyarbakir citizens who share their feelings and thoughts in the honor book, expressing their satisfaction with the speed, comfort and safety of the trains, said that trains should not be thrown stones and should be protected, and that high speed train should come to Diyarbakir.

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