Asphalt roadwork preparations in the army full throttle

Asphalt road work preparations in the army full gas: 2014 million pounds 309 km asphalt road works started by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality by the tender in October of 752 continues its work at full speed. In the works carried out by the contractor firm uninterruptedly, the measurements of the 150 km road were completed in line with the project. In the remaining regions, the authorities stated that the measurement and project work was being carried out quickly and that the current measurements were checked by the control engineers.
Stating that the necessary tests were carried out by taking samples from the ground floor of the roads and the carrying power values ​​of the roads were determined, the authorities said that all the materials used were carried out under the supervision of the control engineers and that the test results were not used.
Authorities, Altinordu district Kayabaşı-Topluca-Gökömer-Gerce and Çatalpınar Keçili-Gundogdu Neighborhood roads road widening, palyeli landslide excavation, weak ground excavation, ground improvement, lower foundation fill, landslide parts and ground surveys were made in the ground. In İkizce, Kurtköy-Kutluca-Başönü-Şenbolluk stated that the road works in Gülyalı and Ulubey districts, as well as the studies on the ground walls of the Gülyalı and Ulubey districts, and the number of personnel and work machines were increased as of March and the project would be accelerated. .

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