Nylon break for İZBAN train services

Nylon break for İZBAN train services: İZBAN's train service, which was established under the partnership of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD, was disrupted by the winding of the nylon part of the wind blowing into the electricity system. Even last week, the 6 person was injured and the previous day in the evening after the fire panic at Alaybey Station. Nylon burned because of the winding of the nylon part that was blown by the wind and electrifying the wagon to the kataner system. The clock was stopped at the Alaybey station, where the train's train station was surrounded by the nylon event due to the 18.30 ranks. After the evacuation of the passengers, technical teams started the work to eliminate the malfunction.

Passengers 7 panicked by the incident in February. IZBAN announces developments at Twitter, announced that the 1 hour after the break-up period is back to normal. Two separate events occurred in the last week caused anxiety in the citizens. İZBAN officials said that there is a situation to be feared, the problem is caused by the effect of wind nylon on the kataner entangled to the system, he said. IZBAN train 7 During the approach to Alsancak station in February, a set of arching occured in one of the sets. Passengers had a panacea.

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