Balçova ropeway facilities are nearing the end of renovation

The renovation of the Balçova cable car facilities has come to an end: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has come to an end in the renovation of the cable car plant in Balçova.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Balçova district near the end of the renewal of the cable car plant. Thousands of 200 passengers will carry passengers in the rainbow cabins of the facility came and trial work began.

The Balçova Ropeway Facility, which has been among the symbols of the city for many years but was closed due to the "Inconvenient to use" report of the Izmir Branch of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers, has come to an end. The Metropolitan Municipality, which started experiments with the rainbow-colored cabins of the modern facility that will be reintroduced to Izmir, will be put into operation at the end of spring, after this is finalized and the finishing touches are made. The Balçova Cable Car Facility, which has been redesigned in accordance with EU standards, will be completely renewed and offered to the service of Izmir residents in a much safer and modern way. The journey time will be 20 minutes and 2 seconds with 42 cabins for eight people, each designed to be in a rainbow color. The facility will cost 12 million lira.


The Metropolitan Municipality had a technical examination made by the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers considering that the Balçova Ropeway Facility, which was established in 1974, was worn out for many years, and the report prepared as a result stated that the use of the facility was inconvenient and should be improved. Evaluating the report in question, the municipality closed the facility in 2008 in order to make improvements on the carrier rope, pulley sets, carrier gondola and terminal poles by working on preliminary projects and technical specifications related to mechanical parts. The facility, which was planned to be closed for five or six months by allocating the necessary funds and to make improvements within this period, was put on hold for a while after receiving the information that the new regulation in EU norms would be implemented. Upon the imposition of an obligation to implement the regulations of the European Parliament, the Council of Europe and the Ministry of Industry and Trade on Cable Transport Installation Regulations Designed to Carry People, the tender process was initiated. Construction and project tenders, which were completed in a short time, were canceled because the contractor firm could not submit the necessary documents for signing the contract. The second tender, which was made later, was canceled by the Public Procurement Authority. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality started the third tender process on 7 June 2012. 14. Complying with the decision of the Regional Administrative Court and the decision of the Public Procurement Authority based on it, the contract was signed in March 2013 and the project design and construction process of the work officially started.

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