National high speed train lands on the rails in 2019

The national high-speed train is landing on the rails in 2019: Minister Elvan said that the high national high-speed train, which was completely designed by Turkish engineers, will be launched in 2019.

"After realizing the industrial and engineering design, we are planning to put our own high national high speed train on the rails in 2019, entirely our own, completely domestic, designed by Turkish engineers," said Minister Elvan.

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lutfi Elvan, 80 sets of high-speed trains will go to tender in Turkey after a very short time in terms of manufacturing, said here announced a minimum 53 per cent requirement would call for nativism.

Elvan made evaluations about the agenda on 24 TVs.

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Elvan stated that there is a great density in high speed train lines, “Very busy, we need train sets right now. We went on to tender for the purchase of 10 sets of trains, but there was an appeal there, the appeal process continues. Apart from that, in terms of manufacturing in Turkey 80 units of high-speed train sets will go out to tender after a very short period of time "gave the information.

Emphasizing that local partners will also be present here, Elvan said: “We will go on tender, all preparations for this have been completed. In this 80 high-speed train set, we are looking for a minimum 53 percent locality requirement. However, we are not satisfied we make nativism in addition to the mandatory requirement to perform this production in Turkey. Our third basic requirement is that they enter a job with a local partner who can have a minimum 20 percent share. Why do we want this? Because after manufacturing these high speed train sets, we will definitely require a local partner in order to continue this work. we plan to download it. ”

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