Injury to the crossing in Mushta level crossing 2 (Video)

2 injured at level crossing in Muşta: 2 people were injured in the accident where the train and the car collided at the level crossing in Muş.

The 49 AL 003 plate car used by Şakir Bulduk collided with the freight train numbered 53016 from Elazığ to Tatvan, while passing through the level crossing at the entrance of Sungu town.

Mehmet Salih Er (10), injured next to the train (66), who was driving in the car drifting about 38 meters in front of the train was injured. They were taken out of the jail with the help of the people removed, ambulance Muş State Hospital.

Mehmet Salih Er, one of the injured, was reported to be in severe condition.

The train continued after the car was lifted off the rails.




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