25 hike to Moscow metro tickets

25 hike in Moscow to metro tickets: The sanctions imposed by the Ukrainian crisis began to be reflected in Russia. The devaluation of the ruble causes hikes and inflation. A second time to public transport tickets came up.

One-time tickets to the Moscow subway, which was used extensively by the Russians, rose by 40 to 25 rubles from 50 ruble. Tickets in the Moscow metro have increased around 13 per month in the last 66.

When the Moscow metro network is being expanded, equipment is needed in the infrastructure works. Many parts of trains produced in Russian factories are imported from abroad.

1 ruble 50 ruble, 5 ruble 180, 11 ruble 360 20 580 40 1160 60 1.400 XNUMX XNUMX Ruble XNUMX

No change was made for the monthly pass fee for students on buses and trams, 230 remained as a ruble.

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