Terrible violence to the alleged Muslim boy (Video)

Terrible violence against a Muslim child allegedly taking a train without train: The detention of the 9-year-old child by the security forces at the train station in Sweden aroused great disdain.

The video shows the security guard slamming his head on the ground and violent.

Images published by a Swedish newspaper security guard sitting on the child's hand and trying to close his mouth with his hand. At that time, the child is heard crying and bringing martyrdom. A witness who saw the incident “the child seemed to have done nothing. But the 90 pound security guard threw him to the floor and sat on it. ”

Regarding the security workers working at the security company, 12 reportedly filed a complaint with the police. The director of the security company admitted the images were bad. The director claimed that the child traveled with his 12 friend without a ticket and that the security guards had acted at the request of the police. Police said it was investigating the incident.



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