Guests will be treated to Sarıkamış

The guests evaluated the Sarikamis: Serhat Development Agency (SERKA) continues its researches aimed at accelerating the economic and social development of the TRA2 Region provinces (Kars, Igdir, Ardahan and Agri) and increasing its competitiveness.

During the ski season in our country, Sarıkamış Winter Sports Tourism Center, which is one of the important values ​​for tourism in our region, was examined by SERKA in detail within the scope of a field survey. In order to develop the center and get more shares from the market, the first step was taken for the public and private sectors to work together and create a common road map for investment and operation. The fact that the research was handled so extensively in the region for the first time and that no such study was conducted before, increased the significance of the findings.

In the study, the front office services offered in the accommodation facilities, rooms, restaurant, bars and general comments on the hotel, as well as runways, mechanical facilities, eating and drinking venues on the tracks, entertainment opportunities for children and opinions about the city center, face-to-face survey application It was evaluated. As a result of the analysis of the 289 questionnaire, remarkable results were achieved.


When the issues raised by the guests were examined, it was observed that the area with the highest level of satisfaction was the front office services with 80,7 and the guests were especially pleased with the kindness of the staff.

Guests can enjoy grocery, hairdresser, Turkish bath etc. other services and the studies on the rooms should be given priority. The 60,2, however, believes that the mini bar service will benefit from re-producting in terms of products and prices. Restaurants and varieties of food quality and quality, especially in the choice of beverage options and prices should be provided stability. Nearly half of the respondents think that the maintenance of the gardens in the accommodation facilities is insufficient. This emphasizes that the maintenance of hotel gardens needs to be improved, and that the ski center in general will benefit from landscaping and landscaping.


43,3 wants to work on skiing activities, 34,9 on night entertainment and 24,8 on entertainment opportunities for children. In the evening hours, organizing activities such as animation, torch marching and folkloric performances, or arranging of fun parties for the entertainment of the guests will enable Sarıkamış tourism to reach a more advanced level. Similarly, making playgrounds where children can spend their time in a fun and qualified way and parents can safely entrust their children will have a positive impact on customer satisfaction.


While the guests are delighted with the quality of the snow, the length, capacity and variety of the tracks, especially the beauty of the natural environment, three of every five respondents complain about not being able to ski in the evening. In the light of this data, it is revealed that the lighting infrastructure implemented in the first stage of the ski center is completed and it is necessary to offer the guests the opportunity to ski in the evening hours.


Within this framework that the guests coming to the ski center are unfortunately not interested in the city center of Sarıkamış, one of the most striking results of the research is that a holistic renovation / urban transformation should be provided in the city center and businesses that will attract and please the guests in terms of eating, drinking, entertainment and shopping opportunities stand out as one of the most striking results of the research. In this context, the rapid acceleration of infrastructure investments that will enable the ski center and the city center to act in a more integrated manner will also positively reflect on the general level of satisfaction from travel.

Airline transportation in air transportation, which is one of the most important factors in terms of increasing the accessibility of the region and increasing the number of flights, will play an important role in increasing the number of guests coming to our provinces.

The study shows that with the improvements in the quality of the service / product and the quality in the ski resort and accommodation facilities, more effective promotional activities and campaigns have been realized and Sarıkamış tourism has become very advanced and deserves it.