Riot at the Metrobus stop

Metrobus riot at the stop: At the end of the evening in the evening before the end of the day, citizens who want to go to their homes Zeytinburnu metrobus was trapped on the bridge due to the intensity of the overpass. The event happened in the waters of 19: 00 in the evening. Citizens who want to go to work and homes were trapped on the bridge due to the intensity experienced in the metrobus stop. The bridge was unable to lift the density of the citizen. Citizens who rebelled against the situation tried to cross the E-5 highway. Many citizens who do not pass the bridge at the same time using the highway road was clogged with the bridge. Traffic policemen at the scene tried to intervene in this situation, but could not prevent citizens. Some citizens who complained about the situation, said the bridge has been repeated repeatedly since Tuesday. The jam on the bridge was reportedly caused by mobile vendors on the bridge.

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