Metro and Metrobus Flights stopped in Istanbul

Metro and Metrobus Expeditions in Istanbul Stopped: While the snowfall in Istanbul took its shape in the evening hours, the traffic came to a halt. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality announced the balance of the snow situation in the city as of 17.20. Metropolitan Municipality announced that it is continuing violently between TEM Motorway Mahmutbey and Hadımköy in the form of the type of snowfall that affects Istanbul.


Citizens of the work came out with a bad surprise. Metrobus flights stopped. Metrobus citizens who turn to the metrobus metres, but metrobus did not come.


Due to the problem with the energy lines in Yenikapı-Hacıosman subway, the 32-minute stops started again. According to the information received, the power lines malfunctioned at 17.15 hours in the Şişli region of the metro line. Upon this, while the flights were stopped, the passengers were evacuated. As a result of the teams' work, the voyages returned to normal at 17.47.

The statement from the municipality is as follows:

“TEM Highway, which is the type of snowfall that affects Istanbul, continues violently between Mahmutbey and Hadımköy. The three trucks on the ramps caused traffic to stop. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality teams sent reinforcement teams to the area under the control of the Highways. Due to the large number of TIRs in the region, long vehicle queues have formed. Road Maintenance Department started to work in the region with 5 large cranes, 3 tractors, 4 plowing vehicles, and the Fire Brigade with Hızır Güç rescue vehicles. The vehicles were cut and the directions were directed from the opposite directions to the area where the trucks were left.
On the way down due to the type of drivers and citizens are distributed hot soup, tea and food.

60 Thickness Found in Çatalca

According to the statement of the Metropolitan Municipality, the snow thicknesses in the city as of 17.20 are as follows:
The villages of Çatalca, Binkılıç, Aydos: 40- 60 cm Çatalca, Esenyurt, Beylikdüzü, Hadımköy, Selimpaşa, Başakşehir, Beylikdüzü, Arnavutköy, Uğur Mumcu: 35- 44 cm Çavuşbaşı, Maltepe, Beykoz, Sancaktepe, Polenezköy: 27-33 cm Çekmeköy, Ümraniye, Maslak, Göktürk, Kemerburgaz: 18-24 cm Kağıthane, Beşiktaş, Şişli, Kadıköy, Beşiktaş, Üsküdar: 15-22 cm Caddebostan, Suadiye, Bakırköy, Florya: 8-12 cm

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