Accident related to the accident

Lawsuit regarding the accident at level crossing in Mersin: The trial of the arrested defendants, the barrier officer and the minibus driver, in the accident in which 12 people died.

The conviction of the barrier and the driver of the minibus driver on the death of the passenger train and the service minibus.

At the hearing held in Mersin 1st High Criminal Court, detained defendants minibus driver Fahri Kaya and barrier officer Erhan Kılıç, the lawyers of the parties and relatives of those who died in the accident were present.

The defendants Kaya and Kılıç, repeated their defense in the previous hearings, demanded the eviction. The court adjourned the hearing by deciding on the continuation of the detention of the defendants.

On the 20th of March in the central Mediterranean district, 12 people died and 3 were injured as a result of the collision between the passenger train and the service van at the level crossing. Regarding the incident, the barrier officer and the minibus driver were arrested.

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