Burgas Exit Forgotten On Meric Highway

Maritsa Motorway 'in the Burgas-out was forgotten: the construction of the Maritsa Highway leading from Bulgaria to Turkey, was understood to be output to the forgotten city of Burgas.
The construction of the Maritsa motorway leading from Bulgaria to Turkey, it was understood that forgotten city of Burgas .Meriç Motorway exit administration, Plodovitovo Thracian village that have made the connection to be forgotten Motorway and near the Burgas Old zagrain output. Thereupon from vehicles by Turkey, holding approximately 10 kilometers Sofia, Burgas way to go then you'll have to keep the way of return of Burgas and then the Orizovo village crossroads. Road Infrastructure Agency Director Lazar Lazarov stated that the highway, which is expected to be completed at the end of the year, prepared an unpleasant surprise for drivers. Lazarov said that now the state needs to build a bridge by separating five million leva (2 million Euros) to connect these two highways. The 117-kilometer-long Meriç Highway connects the Turkish border to the Thrace Highway, thus connecting Kapıkule to Sofia. will connect.

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