Marmaris-Muğla highway road landslide

Landslide on the Marmaris-Muğla highway: There have been disruptions in the transportation due to the landslide occurring in two regions in the Marmaris district of Muğla.
According to information obtained, the district has continued for a week after intervals of heavy rainfall after the landslides occurred. The lands and rocks on the road with the landslide that occurred in the morning hours in the Armutalan location of the Marmaris-Datça highway were cleared by the Highways Branch Chiefs.
The second landslide occurred in the Taşhan district of Marmaris-Muğla highway. Hundreds of dirt slumped off the hill, which loosened due to rain. In the meantime, the vehicles did not pass through the road, did not cause a possible injury or loss of life. Drivers came to the region upon the arrival of the Marmaris Regional Traffic Station Chief teams, taking the necessary security measures off the road traffic. Then, a strip of roads, road machines, cleared with the help of construction machinery was opened to traffic. Soil in the other lane was started to be filled with trucks. Within a few hours, the other lane of the road will be opened to traffic.

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