In Malatya Metropolitan Municipality 2014 has made hot asphalt of 700 thousand square meters

Metropolitan Municipality of Malatya 2014 thousand square meters of hot asphalt has made: Malatya Metropolitan Municipality 700 in the asphalt paving made record-level studies. Along with the Malatya center, Malatya is a metropolitan area and a significant amount of road construction, maintenance, repair and asphalting works were carried out in the districts and rural neighborhoods.
According to the information given on the subject, the Road and Infrastructure Coordination Department of the Road Construction and Asphalt Branch Directorate, District Road Construction and Maintenance Branch Directorate and Road Survey and Control by the Directorate of Road Studies in the 2014, the citizens appreciated.
2014 thousand tons of bituminous hot mixture (BSK) was produced by the Malatya Metropolitan Municipality in 170. This mixture was produced with a mixture of 53 miles and hot asphalt in Malatya.
We also completed the surface coating asphalt work at 310 kilometers across counties. Prior to asphalt work on these roads, 190.000 tone sub-base material (PMT) was used.
In the year 2014 has been carried out by Metropolitan Municipality, sewage, drinking water, electricity, natural gas and telecommunication services have been damaged due to the pavement, 35.000 m2 pavement construction, maintenance and repair work was carried out.
2014 126 mileage new road opening work in the Metropolitan Municipality, during this period 245 miles road expansion work; 140 made the stabilization work at mileage.
In addition to these works, the Metropolitan Municipality, which also makes keystone, curbstone, tile stone and repair works, has placed 8064 pieces of concrete in various types of river beds in order to avoid damaging the road lines in rainy weather.

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