Marmaray damage in City Lines Operation

Marmaray loss in City Lines: The City Lines Company within the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality lost 2014 million TL in 28. The reason for the damage as shown opening Marmaray. The company will add a new generation of 10 ships to its fleet in order to reach the extreme points of the city against damage.

One of the most important pillars of public transportation in Istanbul for years and transferred to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) in 2005 City Lines Operation, Marmaray after the opening of the loss of passengers and 2014 28 million pounds lost. Istanbul City Lines, which is a share of the capital of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality with a percentage of 90, has increased the capital of 30 million liras due to the loss. In the report prepared by the IMM Parliamentary Plan Budget Committee, the company's total revenues were calculated as 2015 million 8 thousand 165 pounds per month in 750, while the monthly expense was announced as 10 thousand 195 thousand pounds.

LOSS 10.5 increases MILLION
The company's loss was attributed to the inability to take measures to save on operating expenses, including personnel, oil, fuel, maintenance and other items. In the report, where the reasons for the capital increase were listed, the importance of converting sea vehicles into more convenient, comfortable and modern means in terms of cost was emphasized. In the report, TL City Lines Inc. has lost 2011 million TL in 28, while its loss has decreased to 2012 million TL in 25 and to 2013 million in 17.5. In the year 2014, the number of passengers decreased due to the impact of Marmaray, as a result of the decrease in income increased by an increase of 28 million was said.

Parliament Speaking on behalf of the CHP Hakim right, the administration blamed the IMM for failure. Expressing that Karaköy Pier was sinking without maintenance and even the investigation was not opened; You have condemned the personnel working in the maritime sector to subcontract. You have caused many fatal accidents. 10 years ago, instead of taking over the development, other companies have set up by transferring, you do not give money to ships to the scaffolding of the company you have brought to the point of immersion, bravo you alıp he said.

Small ship at lines with fewer passengers

AVERAGE The use of ships with a capacity of 100 - 150 passengers in voyages with 1500-2100 passengers demanded the City Lines company to buy small ships for such voyages. The company will add 10 new generation ships to its fleet in order to reach the extreme points of the city. On the other hand, City Lines will add 2015 new generations of marine vehicles to the fleet in late 4 in order to reduce the cost of the company. However, this effect will be seen from 2016. The construction of the remaining 6 new generation marine vessels is in the planning phase.



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