Truck stolen in Kop Tunnel

Kop Tunnel truck stolen: Kop Tunnel truck was stolen. According to information received, Murat Ş. and Hanifi Y stole the truck parked at the tunnel construction site at night.
Realizing the situation, the construction site employees informed the District Gendarmerie Command.
The District Gendarmerie Command immediately set up a special team and examined the camera records in the district. As a result of the investigation, the identities of the suspects were reported to the Palu District Police Department of Elazig.
Palu police teams identified the location of the suspects and caught the stolen truck.
Suspects who testified in the public prosecutor's office, confessed to stealing the truck in return.
While the suspects were released pending trial, it was learned that company owner Abdurrahim Esat Özdemir did not give up his complaint.

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