Konyaın Da Winter Sports Center Becomes

konyaderbent aladag
konyaderbent aladag

Konyaın Da Winter Sports Center is becoming: Konya's ski resort to be launched in the town of Derbent district of the 2 385 meter with the elevation of Aladağ'da Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Akyürek, Kayak Ski Center, Konya center, more appealing to a project There are thoughts about conversion. We will advance the work and accelerate the work. Yürüt

AK Party Konya Deputies Kerim Özkul and Mustafa Kabakcı and Metropolitan Mayor Tahir Akyürek visited Derbent district. Citizens welcoming them in a coffee shop in the city square sohbet The deputies and the mayor went to Aladağ, which was covered with a white cover, where work was carried out to make Konya a Winter Sports Center. In the social facility built by the District Municipality in Aladağ, the Deputies Özkul and Kabakcı and Mayor Akyürek, who received information about the details of the project from Derbent District Governor Arif Oltulu, Mayor Hamdi Acar and other relevant authorities, wanted to go to the summit of Aladağ with the vehicles that brought them to the region. However, while the summit could not be reached due to severe storms and adverse weather conditions, the pre-planned ski show and activities could not be held in the area.

Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality Tahir Akyurek, told reporters here, Derbent district is now metropolitan district with the new metropolitan law stressed. Akyurek stated that they had been conducting an examination together with the deputies in the area where the ski resort was planned to be constructed in Aladag. Previously, there was a study, winter sports and tourism center as a municipality of the Municipality of Derbent in cooperation with the Municipality and are conducting a study. We're going to push this one further. I don't want to say anything about how a project arises, right now. Because, perhaps there is also a thought about transforming a more weighted and important project, that is, turning the ski area into a project more appealing to the center of Konya. We're speeding up work. I would like to thank Derbentli citizens for the mayor and the governor. Belediye

Kerim Özkul, the deputy of Konya, said, da We came to the conclusion that we were going to take an initiative under the leadership of our Metropolitan Municipality Mayor to bring this tourism to Konya, Konya and Konya. As MPs in Konya, I declare that we are ready to contribute to all kinds of bureaucratic procedures in the capital, especially the Youth and Sports and the General Directorate of Forestry in Ankara.

Konya deputy Mustafa Kabakci, Konya in the future, looking at the important developments in the five sectors will be expressed by expressing, "There is industry, transportation, energy, culture tourism, we were saying, congress tourism, health and thermal tourism, we were saying. After seeing Aladağ, we see in the future that we will have the opportunity to open a pen in Konya. As MPs, we will be the followers of this issue both in the Ministry of Forestry and in the Ministry of Youth and Sports, which have a part of us in the center. I suppose that; Konya, Beysehir to meet the sea and water, as well as Derbent'le ski and snow to meet a beautiful Konya are already dreaming of '' he said.

Derbent Mayor Hamdi Acar also expressed his pleasure to see the deputies and metropolitan mayor in Aladag. Ş The people of Derbent welcomed themselves with enthusiasm and applause. Because, Derbentliler is aware of the importance of Aladağ Ski Center for both Derbent and Konya. We climbed together, we went to Aladag. Despite the severe wind, the beauty, snow, pine forests and the scenery there fascinated everyone. The purpose of this program was to see this place. Because we have the necessary files in this case. As a result, the excitement of our Mayor and Konya MPs about the ski resort made us happy. Hopefully the ski slopes will be prepared here next winter, the road will be paved and we will move here together with all of the inhabitants of Konyalı. We set out to emphasize the importance for Konya and not to Derbent while we were on the way to the ski resort. For this, 'Bursa Bursa Uludag, if there is Aladag'ı''we said. I hope this is happening. İn