District Governor Aydin, TCDD Gar Building Found During Investigations

Kaymakam Aydin, TCDD Station Building Found in Investigations: Gaziantep Sahinbey District Governor Selami Aydin, Turkish Transportation-Sen Gaziantep Branch Management, TCDD Gar building found in the building.

Şahinbey District Governor Selami Aydın, TCDD Station Manager Mechan Yıldırım, station employees and union managers sohbet He received information about union activities and affiliated institutions from Baler Fidan, Head of Turkish Transportation-You Branch. Branch President Baler Fidan stated that TCDD, DHMİ and UBAK employees were working as syndicates, all public institutions and organizations had problems and they shared these problems with the authorities and the public and gave information about the institutions. Fidan stated that public employees were harmed due to the collective agreement made in 2013, that their goal as a union was to discuss the financial and social rights of public employees in August 2015, and to sit at the collective bargaining table for the year 2016-2017 and they were fighting for this.

When 10 years Gaziantep passenger train that he learned surprised Sahinbey Governor Selami Aydin, Bursa is Turkey's 6th largest metropolis, safest and most economical passenger, Gaziantep from railway operations that cargo transport is performed should get the service it deserves, said fast He said that the completion of the train line will make a great contribution to the city. Expressing that one of the biggest problems of the city is transportation, Aydın said, “Non-governmental organizations are very important for a society. A person is a member of many NGOs in developed countries. This country is not at the desired level. "The main duty of the unions is to seek rights, and for this, the members should have an understanding that questions, not obeys." After the nice wishes, Turkish Transportation-You Gaziantep Branch President Baler Fidan and the branch managers thanked Selami Aydın for their kind behavior.

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