Ski season at full speed

Ski season full speed: With the increase of snow, ski lovers were smiling. Uludag, Turkey is undoubtedly the most popular winter sports center. However, Palandöken and Kartalkaya's stars are shining steadily

The best part of winter is undoubtedly the snow. When it rains, it creates an epic atmosphere. Of course, the most popular are ski lovers. Skiing routes are the first to come to mind when it comes to winter holidays. Of course, the pleasure of skiing in the mountains, where nature is covered with a white cover, is another. In addition to skiing, snowboarding, safari, snowmobile, sled are among the fun activities that can be done in winter… Whether you are new or professional, you will return with unforgettable memories. You can improve your skills on the tracks of different features, you can enjoy skiing.

It is only 18 km away from Erzurum Airport, which is reached by a single plane connection to centers such as Palandöken Mountains, Istanbul, Ankara. Ski resort for six months without snow; It attracts great attention thanks to its snow quality, quantity and long tracks that extend for kilometers. Palandöken ski center is 3 thousand 167 meters above sea level. It gets 2-3 meters of snow under normal winter conditions. Skiing on powder snow throughout the season. The season continues until May 10. There are 4 and 5 star accommodation facilities, ski houses, daily facilities and restaurants. The longest track is 12 kilometers. In the center, there are 5 ski lifts, 1 teleski, 2 baby lifts and 1 gondola lift. Approximately 5 thousand people have the opportunity to ski at the same time. Skiing can be done at night as lighting is done in Palandöken

Sarıkamış is an extremely important ski center in terms of snow quality. It has a magnificent natural beauty with its 12-stage track that reaches a total of 5 kilometers, and Cıbıltepe with an altitude of 2500. Cıbıltepe's snow type is the type of crystal snow that is found only in the Alps. the ski area is located in the scotch pine forests at an altitude of 2100-2634 meters. Snowy areas, which are around 1.5 meters under normal winter conditions, are quite suitable for skiing. Sarıkamış and its surroundings have favorable conditions for Alpine and northern discipline and touring activities. There are many accommodation in the center, two of which are state guesthouses. In addition, two ski lifts and 1 teleski facility serve.

It is vital to have training and the right equipment before skiing. Injuries are inevitable for those who do not have the necessary experience. Assoc. Dr. According to Onat Üzümcügil, it is possible to prevent these accidents by taking precautions.

Efficiency: Before skiing, the person who is going to ski must have good aerobic fitness. In this way, a person can protect himself from injuries that may occur during skiing.

Training is a must: there are many runways in the ski resorts. Some are steeper and taller and some may be shorter. The person who will make a skiing against the injuries that may occur must get training first and then go on the runway.

Special equipment for your experience: Most of the people prefer to rent equipment because ski equipment is expensive and the transportation is laborious. However, sliding with your own equipment will help protect you from injury. If you choose the rental method, you should choose the skiing length according to your skiing experience and you should always check your bindings and not use the non-set skis of others.

Wear a helmet: Use a helmet to relieve head trauma.

Do not leave in bad weather: When you feel tired, definitely take a break, the slope of the track-abdominal stiffness and according to the intensity of people to adjust your speed, do not slip in bad weather conditions.

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