Highway bridge and connection paths before project failure after infrastructure hit

Project error and infrastructure hit the road bridge and connection roads first: The project error related to the road bridge and connection roads in Menemen was noticed after the groundbreaking ceremony. The project was renovated, but this time the construction was interrupted by infrastructure displacements.
The completion time of the bridge and connection roads project in Menemen district, which was laid hastily with a ceremony attended by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu before the local elections, is getting longer due to incorrect calculations. The foundation of the project, which covers the road bridge and connection roads that will facilitate the transportation of 50 thousand people in Esemen, İsmet İnönü and Uğur Mumcu neighborhoods and Asarlık region, was laid with the ceremony attended by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu just before the local elections on 30 March 2014. . The bridge construction is foreseen to end on December 11. The company set up its construction site after the site delivery. But soon the project drawn up by the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department turned out to be faulty. The bridge legs were overlapping the railroad that passed underneath as a result of miscalculation. Consequently, shortly after the groundbreaking ceremony on March 17, the construction was stopped by the Metropolitan Municipality. In the 4-month period passed, even a barley length could not be covered. As such, the project, which is expected to solve the transportation problem of 50 thousand people living in the region, was also interrupted. After a 4-month delay, the renovation project was approved and work started in the past year.
However, this time, the construction was passed to the infrastructure productions passing through the road body where the bridge legs will sit. When the bridge leg that will sit on Atatürk Street where Kubilay Barracks is located coincides with the infrastructure displacements, the construction was stopped again. As such, the highway overpass construction, which is expected to end on December 11, is now at the end of March 2015 with the extension of time given. Company officials stated that after the infrastructure displacements are made, the construction will start where it left off. In the speech he gave at the groundbreaking ceremony held on March 17, 2014, the Mayor of Menemen, Tahir Şahin, was also left in the air because of the erroneous project. It will cost 17 pounds. Within the scope of the project, a bridge, a 2014 meter long wall and a 3 meter road and a sidewalk will be constructed on a 616 meter long railway linking Atatürk Street, which includes 389 Street and Kubilay Barracks, in the Esemenpaşa District of Menemen. The bridge, which is planned to be completed on 1211 December 70, remained at the end of March due to the project error and the infrastructure displacements that could not be calculated.


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