Uninterrupted service to drivers from highways

Continuous service for drivers from highways: In Sivas, “Alo 159 Highways Information Line” has been reported to provide vehicle drivers with information about the situation on highways 24 hours a day.
In the written statement made by the 16th Regional Directorate of Highways, it was reminded that the city continues to influence the winter season, and stated that “Alo 159 Highways Information Line provides information about the weather and road conditions to the drivers who will set off.
In the statement, it was stated that the drivers of the vehicles who are on the road due to winter conditions can also request help from the "Alo 159" line, the following were recorded:
“Drivers in traffic can call the telephone number 159 on the landline or mobile phone when traveling, as well as on requests for travel and travel, as well as on urgent assistance. Our citizens can reach this operator, which is free of charge, through their city borders and submit their complaints and requests. Alone 159 highways in Turkey, highway road network, the state and all questions and receive information and assistance on issues related to road route will be used during travel of the traveling drive on the provincial road or traveling before serving as a mistake. "
The drivers who were going to travel were called “Alo 159 Highways Information Line” and the drivers were asked to call the information line in case of any negativity that they saw on the road in the explanation stated that they could get information about the condition of the road route they would use, whether it was working on the road, whether the road was open and the physical structure of the road.
In the statement, it was also stated that “Alo 159 Highways Information Line” provides rescue and technical assistance services in fatal, injured and damaged traffic accidents occurring on highways.


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