A subcontractor on the highways blocked a phone call

A telephone block was blocked by the subcontractor on the highways: The subcontracted workers, who were not staffed on the highways, wanted to file a criminal complaint against the ministers. Prime Minister Davutoğlu, to discuss the matter urged ministers urged to postpone the criminal complaint.
Subcontracted highway workers took action to file a criminal complaint against the ministers, when judicial decisions were not implemented for their recruitment. The criminal complaint attempt was prevented by Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu calling ministers to a meeting to resolve the workers' problems.
In the workplaces under the Regional Directorates of the General Directorate of Highways, 9-10 thousand workers took action to benefit from the rights enjoyed by the permanent staff under the name of service procurement for many years. 6 thousand 420 lawsuits filed with the demand of determining that these workers are workers of Highways were concluded in favor and approved by the Supreme Court. However, the aforementioned judicial decisions have not been implemented since 2011 and the employment and rights of these workers in the permanent staff of Highways have not been provided. Thereupon, a criminal complaint decision was taken against the ministers who did not implement the decision.
According to the statement made by the union, when the plaintiff workers were about to go to the courthouse to file a criminal complaint, Labor and Social Security Minister Faruk Çelik called the head of the union Agar and asked him to meet with Prime Minister Davutoğlu, postpone the criminal complaint and give him 3 hours before applying to the courthouse. As the workers started to wait, Minister Çelik called the union officials again at noon.
Ministers gathered urgently
According to the information given, Çelik stated that Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan, Minister of Transportation Lütfi Elvan and Minister of Finance Mehmet Şimşek attended the meeting under the chairmanship of Davutoğlu and the issue was wanted to be resolved. Upon the developments, the workers decided to wait for today. Today, it was stated that the union will process the criminal complaint against the ministers, if there is no decision to transfer the contracted workers to the staff.
Criminal complaint by YOL-İŞ
ROAD-Turkey Trade Union President Ramazan Agar, said:
“In the event that a separate crime occurs due to each non-enforced judicial decision and the total number of crimes is over 7, he filed a criminal complaint against ministers, undersecretaries and general managers who have duties and responsibilities in the implementation of judicial decisions, with a request for punishment separately for each act. the obligation to be found was born. "

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