Signature Campaign for the Establishment of the Faculty of Logistics in Karasu

The Signature Campaign for the Establishment of the Faculty of Logistics in Karasu: In the press statement of 29 January 2015 dated by Karemu Ottoman Education Quarries Adem DEMİRTÜRK, the most prominent and remarkable was the signature campaign for the establishment of the Faculty of Logistics. Karasu Gündemime Bomb effect is expected to bring different breaths to this campaign Karasu expected to be a breathtaking and clear press release will be published for you.

We know very well that we have strengths and weaknesses both in Sakarya and in Karasu. In this process, we need to improve our strengths and strengthen our weaknesses. We have to evaluate the opportunities offered to us. You know our Sakarya is located at the highest level of industrialization in Turkey. There is a stable population growth and migration. SMEs, which have emerged as middle-high income group enterprises, are located in a complete intersection zone with high investment potential in Sakarya. Sakarya should not only be the meeting point of the Cultures, Cultures, but the meeting point of capital and property.

As for Karasu,, Our ports are being built, Railways will be implemented soon, our highway is already there. If we continue to make the right decisions, Karasu will become the center of Kara, Deniz, and Railway transportation. Now we will be able to reach our future right from this frame.

Today Karasu is preparing for brand new tomorrows. It seems that; Our district is an important crossroads in the as Kuyez Marmara Motorway ında as the ında Karasu-Bartın-Railway ”Complementary of the World's” Adapazarı-Karasu-Railway nok. The other factors that complement this it Karasu Coast Road, and Karasu Port are the first hint investments that our generation has ever seen, which is the bright future of our district. Here, without neglecting tourism, the role of the actors of the global world, in the commercial centers of the empowered states, should be determined by Karasu. This Role tells us that sa LOGISTICS göre Yes, logistics is a must in globalizing world; this is an inevitable fact. It's impossible not to see this. We call the Ottoman Education Quarries Karasu Branch; In the light of all these, we would like to open the iler LOGISTICS FACULTY iler to be opened to Education in our district where qualified personnel and managers of qualified and global world will grow. Within this, we are launching başlat FIRST SIGNATURE eleri as chairman and members of the board of directors and initiating the Campaign. In this campaign, we expect support from our district governor, our mayor, our political parties, civil society organizations, our people and our political party representatives. IR THIS IS THE FIRST SIGNATURE TO THE FUTURE OF THE KARASU; KARASU HIGHER LEARNING YOUTH IS THE FIRST SIGNATURE TO BE PROVIDED BY PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS.

This is the FIRST SIGNATURE of the safe future of Karasu. I'm calling for Common Mind for Karasu. Karasu, with its nature, agriculture, trade, environmentally sensitive industry, and especially with its position, is rapidly becoming the center of attraction of the region. But while we are dealing with everyday problems, we have to think big and look forward.

We need to consider our province, even our region as a whole. And most importantly, we must create a common mind for Karasu to rise to the position he deserves. We have a long argument. Let's discuss, let's talk.

Our feet are weeping, Some things become clear in our minds. As the Ottoman Education Quarries, we try to approach the problems in a holistic manner by taking steps towards a solution. From conscious urbanization to environmentally sensitive industrialization, sustainable development and clean energy are taking a side attitude. And we are waiting for support in our people who are sensitive to our stance.

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