Bikini Under The Snow Fashion Show

Bikini Under Snow Fashion Show: Models from Antalya organized a swimsuit and bikini fashion show under the snow at Isparta Davraz Ski Center.

EMY Organization, Argento Mayo and Sirene Davras Hotel in cooperation with the snow show Bengi Akturk, Ayse Andic, Margarita Medvedeva, Natali Virlan, Buse Koca, Arma Skennderovich took part. Swimsuit and bikini fashion show at minus 10. Falling snow during the fashion show created a visual feast. Emy Organization owner Eda Meltem Yilmaz ornamented with colorful accessories such as bikinis, angel wings, rabbit ears, masks, etc., took precautions in bathrobes to keep the mannequins forced due to cold.

Snow falling during the fashion show in the ski resort, the podium brought a separate air. They said that the mannequins had a hard time because of the cold, but they had a lot of fun.

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