Channel Istanbul Puzzle

The Canal Istanbul Riddle: President Erdoğan's words, "We came together with the companies that will make Kanal Istanbul," aroused curiosity: Which companies?

President Tayyip Erdoğan's return to Mexico on the plane told reporters, gaz We follow all our investments step by step. For example, 3. The airport is being monitored by us. For example, the project under the Bosphorus and Channel Istanbul is followed by us. We came together with the company officials who will make Kanal Istanbul last week. 'We need to start the project as soon as possible' we said. Turkey will announce the name of the project is the most important international platform Canal Istanbul. Don't be late, we said hurry, Geç he said.

According to the report of Gülistan Alagöz and Ümit Çetin in Hürriyet, the contractor company or companies are not known since a tender has not been made for the Kanal Istanbul project mentioned by President Erdoğan. In the business world, it was a matter of curiosity yesterday who the company was interviewed by President Erdoğan.


Lawyer Ali Guvenc Kiraz, the President of the Real Estate Law Association, told Hurriyet that the news he discussed with Kanal Istanbul regarding the producer company could reveal a big error in law as long as it is not refused by the Prime Ministry and the presidency. The President of the Chamber of Architects Eyüp Muhcu said, ı The President made a clear statement. Who was negotiated if there was no tender for the project or construction work? What kind of agreements are behind the dark doors? Are they sending messages to global market centers before the elections? Seçim. Muhcu, Chamber of Architects said about the firm interviewed the President 'will make a statement' said.


Attorney Ali Güvenç Kiraz stated that the construction of the Kanal Istanbul project as a draft project should be done by a project company within the scope of the Public Procurement Law and emphasized that it is obligatory to obtain an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report for the implementation of the draft project. Stating that there is a risk of cancellation of the Council of State in all projects that will be carried out without an EIA report, Güvenç pointed out that this could cause serious damage. Güvenç said: “Assuming that the EIA report is received, it is necessary to decide whether the project will be built in stages or as a whole, and accordingly, the whole or stages should be put out to tender. It is unthinkable to deliver the project without making a tender to a firm in violation of the Public Procurement Law. Statements made in this way will mean that the project, which will perhaps create an important value for Turkey in the future, will be injured in the first stage. TMMOB or other NGOs to file lawsuits on the grounds of these statements and kazanThese actions may cause the project to be stopped for many years (a decision to stay of execution may come).”

Public institutions

PRESIDENTIAL resources, Erdogan said on his return from Latin America, yetkil Channel Istanbul came together with the authorities of the firm to meet last week, acak he said the sehven, interview with the authorities of the company, but not with the state institutions and organizations related to Kanal Istanbul said. Sources have informed Erdogan that he has met with officials from institutions such as the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and he has warned about the recent developments in the project and warned them to accelerate the project. Söz Here is the public institutions and organizations involved in the project, bir said Erdoğan.

The Council of State cancels

Güvenç pointed out that it is important to determine the areas of reserve buildings, public treasury areas and special areas in the region for the company's implementer. Hazine How is the expropriation process determined in terms of private parcels even if the process can be completed by means of allocation for public treasury lands and reserve areas? Finally 3. Considering the congestion and partial cancellations of the airport rush expropriations, the macro plan in this regard should also be revealed. In case of implementation of the urgent expropriation, we can still see the cancellations of the Council of State. Ac

At least 8 will be the most 11 bridge

PRESIDENT OF THE PRESIDENT In the period of Erdoğan's prime ministry, the Kanal Istanbul project, announced as 'crazy project' in 2011, will unite the Black Sea and Marmara. 27 On April 2011, at the press conference held at Istanbul Haliç Congress Center, basic information about the project was announced. According to the plans, the route is expected to be between Küçükçekmece and Arnavutköy and the Canal Istanbul project is estimated to cost 10 billion dollars. Canal Istanbul is expected to be 25 meters deep and 150 meters wide, while at least 8 and 11 bridge will be built on the channel. According to the previous statements, Channel Istanbul will be constructed in the form of a truncated 'V' letter. The width of the lower section will reach the 100 meter, and the distance between the two ends of the letter V can reach up to 520 meters. The depth of the channel is planned to be 20 meters.

Should be made in accordance with the tender legislation

Aziz Yeniay, former President of KÜÇÜKÇEKMECE Municipality, pointed out the size of the tender and said, esi The secret is not a secret. It needs to be done in accordance with the procurement legislation İhale. Yeniay şu But it may be. He may have finished the preparations for the tender as soon as possible. I think that the government cannot make a tender out of the scope of the procurement legislation. Therefore, a procedure will be established within the scope of a procurement legislation. The project may be authored by the company officials. These can be given to a firm due to the special project. Open bidding may not be required. There is a serious engineering in the project. Since the investor is a contractor firm, the current procurement law does not allow it, at least as far as I know, Yatırım he said. . 15-20 is the one where the billions of dollars will be talked about. Büyük

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