Traffic Stops At Kağıthane-Dolmabahçe Tunnel Citizens Get Down From Buses

Traffic Stops in Kağıthane-Dolmabahçe Tunnel Citizens have stepped down from buses: Traffic has been blocked in Kağıthane-Dolmabahçe tunnel due to heavy snowfall in Istanbul.
Due to heavy snowfall in Istanbul, the traffic was locked in the Kağıthane-Dolmabahçe tunnel. Some citizens bored to wait on the bus despite the prohibition of walking in the tunnel were seen trying to go to work.
Snow falling under the influence of Istanbul, traffic negatively affected. Kağıthane - Forced vehicles at the exit of Dolmabahçe tunnel caused traffic to be locked. Some citizens who were tired of waiting in the tunnel for hours, preferred to walk down the bus. Despite the prohibition of citizens trying to catch up with his work in the tunnel walk created interesting images.
Citizens, stating that they are trying to reach the work, ı Forbidden but forced to walk due to traffic. You see our state, Gör he said.

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