98 subway security guard in Izmir

98 metro security guards were fired in İzmir: 227 of the 98 personnel working in security services in İzmir Metro protested at the entrance of Çankaya Metro Station to protest their dismissal.

Security services tender kazanHe said that the security staff, who at the moment the company did not renew their contracts and that they were terminated by the company they worked for, were dismissed on the grounds that there was no need for a security guard on the platforms anymore, and that his colleagues who continued their work were in a difficult situation due to the terms of the new employment contract.

The tender held for the security of facilities, stations, platforms and wagons in the Izmir Metro upset 98 security personnel. New from previous company kazanHe stated that 227 of the 129 personnel waiting for their transfer to the company will continue to work. 58 people, who learned that their jobs were terminated, 40 by notification and 98 by verbal notification, became victims. Unemployed security guards gathered in front of the Çankaya Station passenger entrance and their friends who supported them reacted to the decision. Aggrieved security guards explained that they were told that the Izmir Metro administration did not employ security guards at the subway platforms in Istanbul and Ankara, and that they had reduced personnel in Izmir as the security practice on the platforms would be ended. The tender, in which the metro management announced this decision, kazanStating that the security firm will renew only 227 of 129 security personnel, the victimized security guards reacted to their unemployment.

On the other hand, the security guards stated that the employment contract of the new company given to the personnel who will continue their work has articles that will victimize the employees. After leaving this workplace, we are forced not to work in a competitive job against the employer for 3 years. In addition, there are provisions related to overtime wages and compensation work that will victimize the employee ”.


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