For the subway of Izmir, 10 was brought to the new wagon

10 new wagons were brought for the Izmir metro: 10 new wagons, which the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality previously ordered for the Izmir Metro, have been brought to the city today. It was said that the wagons produced in China were combined to form 2 trains.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, previously ordered for the Izmir Metro, the new wagon of the 10, reportedly brought to the city.
According to the written statement of the Metropolitan Municipality, 10 train sets consisting of 2 wagons completed at the factory in China were brought to the city.
The wagons brought to Izmir Port by ship were loaded onto trucks from there and unloaded to the Halkapınar metro warehouse area with the help of large cranes.
The cost of 12 million 200 thousand dollars will be recorded after the last tests of the train sets, which are saved.
It has been reported that the total number of wagons in the subway fleet will double and reach 10 with the new train sets with 85 wagons, which are in the process of evaluating the bids and the new arrivals.
350 thousand passengers per day in Izmir Metro and 280 thousand passengers per day in İZBAN. This figure corresponds to 34 percent of the total number of passengers in public transport.

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