Izmir Metro is Not Safe in the Evening

İzmir Metro Not Safe in the Evenings: The crisis that started with the stoppage of security personnel in İzmir Metro has not been resolved yet. It turned out that the subway stations were completely abandoned, especially in the evening.

Istanbul-based Bengi Private Security Company awarded the "Private Security Service Procurement" tender in Izmir Metro A.Ş. kazanThe crisis that started after the death continues.
On the day of the contract of the previous firm, Bengi Private Security has submitted a new specification to subcontractor security personnel, and most of the 221 private security personnel, who claim that the terms of the new contract are heavy, had left the job last Friday.

Cleaners served
After the private security officers stopped working, Metro A.Ş. the managers of the metro stations mopping down the security station was found to give safety to the cleaners.
The "Mop security" headline, which reveals that the security is left to the cleaning staff of the Yeni Asır Newspaper's Izmir Metro, made a great noise. While the people of Izmir revolted against the situation, it was observed that the number of security guards in the subway increased slightly after the news. It was observed that at the toll booths of many subway stations, not a cleaning staff, but a security guard watched, but inside the stations, there was still no security guard. Making a statement on the news, Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu argued that the problem would be resolved in a short time. However, the problem is still not resolved.

Even the tolls are empty
Moreover, it turned out that the metro stations were completely abandoned in the evening hours. Yeni Asır displayed the abandonment of the subway before the evening without any security and cleaning staff. In many stations of the subway it was seen that there was no security guard in the evening even at the toll booths. Meanwhile, the security personnel who quit the job said that they would walk to the Metropolitan Municipality and try to meet with Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu in order to return to their jobs.

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