Electricity Explosion Happened in İZBAN Train

collective bargaining agreement signed
collective bargaining agreement signed

While the Izmir inner-city rail transportation system İZBAN train was underway, an explosion occurred in a wagon between Kemer-Alsancak station. The train stopped automatically, the doors opened, the passengers rushed to the nearby Alsancak Station in panic.

IZBAN (Izmir suburban system) train moving from Kemer station while traveling in the direction of Alsancak, an explosion occurred at the point where the front wagon was located. The doors of the train that were automatically stopped opened. Passengers who had a great panic, jumped on the rails, and some passengers asked for help. Many health and fire crews were shipped to Alsancak Station. Some passengers had small burns on their bodies due to the explosion, some of them went into shock. Walking to Alsancak Railway Station, the injured people intervened. A female passenger reportedly broke her leg when she jumped off the train. Metro Inc. General Manager Sonmez Flame Flame caused by electric arc, he said. The wounded, ambulances, taken to the State Hospital Alsancak. The 6 wounded in the treatment was reported to be in good health.


In the first examinations made on the train, it was learned that there was an explosion due to the arc that occurred in the mechanism called 'Pantograph', which allows the train to receive electric current from the wires it passes under. It was stated that 25 thousand Volt current is required to keep the train moving, and 154 thousand Volt current coming to the main transformers is reduced and given as 25 thousand Volts to the wires that allow the train to receive current. In addition, it was learned that the small transformers in the wagon may have been damaged due to the explosion.


Sema Cantürk Yavuz, who was on the train during the explosion, said, “We could not understand what was happening, a big explosion sound came from the front wagon. The train suddenly stopped and the doors opened. There was a young girl with burns on her face, I heard her scream. We got off the train and walked to Alsancak Station. There were those who were shocked. "We did not feel any smell before the explosion," he said. The shocked passengers were hardly calmed by those around.


After a short time after the explosion, the trains started to restart after about 10 hours. İZBAN officials continued investigations on the subject while the police launched an investigation.

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