Nylon break for İZBAN train services

Nylon break for İZBAN train services: Established in partnership with İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD, İZBAN's train services were disrupted due to the wind-blown nylon piece entangling in the electrical system. In fact, after the arc that occurred last week and injured 6 people, there was a fire panic at the Alaybey Station in the evening the previous day. The nylon started to burn because the piece of nylon blown by the effect of the wind was entangled in the catenary system that supplies electricity to the wagons. Due to the incident that occurred around 18.30, the train set, where nylon was wrapped, stopped at Alaybey station. After the evacuation of the passengers, technical teams started work to fix the fault.

Passengers panicked due to the incident that took place on February 7. Announcing the developments on its Twitter address, İZBAN announced that the malfunction was resolved after a break of about 1 hour and that the trips returned to normal. Two separate events that occurred in the last week caused uneasiness in the citizens. İZBAN officials stated that there is nothing to be afraid of, and the problem occurred when the nylon blown by the effect of the wind became entangled in the catenary system. When the İZBAN train approached the Alsancak station on February 7, an arc occurred in one of the sets, when the passengers jumped on the rails in panic, a congestion occurred, one person's leg was broken, and 5 people had mild burns.



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