İZBAN elevator returned to the toilet

The İZBAN elevator turned into a toilet: Izban overpasses, which are under the responsibility of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, are aching people. Lifts destroyed by vandals became unusable. Citizens angry

In Izmir, it is not possible to prevent city magandas from breaking up the elevators that facilitate the use of Izban overpasses. The scrapped elevators are unusable in many overpasses, especially in Menemen, Hilal, İnkılap Stations and Aydın Hat Boyu Street. The elderly, the disabled, women with strollers have to use dozens of steps to cross the street. Many elevators were destroyed at the pedestrian overpasses on the Izban Line, which connects Aliağa and Cumaovası. The municipality, which renewed the elevators several times under the responsibility of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, almost gave up when the same views were experienced. Strengthened by the lack of a security camera system, the vandals dismantled the control buttons of the elevators, smashed the mirrors inside the cabin, wrote inscriptions on the walls, and made their toilets in the cabins. Going further, the city moors dismantled the lighting system of the elevator car, tearing it down to the fluorescence inside. Some elevators, whose windows were broken and burned, were abandoned to their fate and remained out of use.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which initially repaired the elevators that facilitates the transportation of disabled, elderly, pregnant and baby citizens, thought that it could not cope with vandals in the future and preferred not to interfere with the situation anymore. Some of the elevators, which were not even maintained, became inoperable anymore. Citizens, on the other hand, complained about the indifference of the Metropolitan Municipality, while they were rebelling against the city moors. Citizens who want to use the overpass emphasized that the stairs are not available to everyone as the only option because the elevators are disabled and that the elevator is necessary. Citizens who cannot get on the damaged elevators, especially at the overpasses of Menemen, Hilal, İnkılap İzban Stations and Aydın Line Boyu Street, said, “Those who do this are traitors. They may be pregnant spouses, elderly parents, or relatives with disabilities. They suffer just like us. What did they want from the elevators. Over and over they have damaged elevators. Now the Metropolitan Municipality has stopped renewing them. However, if they put the security cameras in all elevators, the problem will be solved. There are no elevators to get on. We cannot enter the employees because of the smell of urine, ”he expressed his complaints.



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