The rebellion was HGS punishment

HGS punishment was the case of rebellion: The shipping companies were finally bewildered by the cash fines cut at times. The penalties due to illegal tolls in the box office start from 5 thousand TL and reach 20 thousand TL. The sanction for a company operating in Esenyurt, Istanbul is 10 thousand 447 TL. The company filed a lawsuit against them for improper sanctions.
In December, consecutive notifications were made to the V. Nakliyat company in Esenyurt, Istanbul. Notices from a unit attached to the General Directorate of Highways, some vehicles connected to the company, toll roads on the illegal stipulated that the transfer of fines were recorded. One of the penalties mentioned is nine thousand 100 TL, one 6 thousand 444 TL and the other 10 thousand 447 TL. While the company was astonished at the penalties that were notified to them, they informed their lawyers in a short time. The time of appeal of penalties notified in the previous 19 December is limited to 15 days.
'Constitutional Court AYM' CANCELED '
Company lawyer Zafer Tunca applied to Büyükçekmece Magistrate Criminal Court to apply to the Constitutional Court for the cancellation of the administrative cash fines and the cancellation of the relevant article in the law.
According to the documents submitted to the case file, the imposition of charged penalties is based on the relevant law. According to the law, in the case of illegal passes, the longest intermediate road cost is applied, not as much as the distance used. This fee is also deducted from a hard sanction 10.
Hunting. In the application for the Tunca case, it was stated that the 06 HYM .. license plate of the client company was a HGS subscriber and that the label regarding the said subscription was also included. Hunting. In his petition, Tunca pointed out that at the moment the sanction was interrupted because he had made a illegal transition to the vehicle, a balance was more in the account than the fee that had to be cut. Hunting. Tunca, the system can not read the plate because of the vehicle in question, such as the illegal transition made, pointed out that the penalties increased katmerlenerek.
5 TL FEE 330 TL
Hunting. Tunca, in the petition submitted to the judges, said the event by giving an example. Accordingly, for example, a vehicle owner with an HGS / OGS subscription has placed an 50 TL loading on his account. Istanbul Camlica departed from Gebze. The same vehicle came from Gebze on the same day and left Çamlıca. The usual transit fee between Çamlıca and Gebze is 2,5 TL. The round trip cost is 5 TL. However, at the Çamlıca box office, HGS, which cannot read the label of the vehicle in question, the system automatically reflects the longest interim fee of 15 TL and the total 10 TL along with the 165 hard. 50 TL in the account of the owner of the account with 165 TL account is reflected in the balance -115 TL is. The said vehicle, while leaving the Gebze box office, is considered to have made another illegal transition. Thereupon, the sanction for a total of 5 TL finds the 330 TL. Unaware of the situation, the owner of the vehicle, the balance of cash, because he passed through each road illegal show. On top of that, the bill is getting much more swollen.
The system is a state kazanLawyer Hüsamettin Balta, pointing out that it has become a three-way gate, is of the opinion that the regulation is against both the Constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights. Hunting. Balta said, “Too many transport companies and individuals are facing a similar problem. No rule of law is unfair on its people. kazanIt doesn't try to get three. Although the road used is visible in the system, the longest road cost, along with the cost of this fee, means to impose a harsh sanction, twice sanctioning an action, which is against the law and the Constitution. Many companies are at the point of 'let them buy the truck and get rid of it'” he stated.
Intercity and international transport companies that have similar problems with many transport companies rebellion HGS sanayiydi

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