Here are the provinces of the fastest train good news

Here are the provinces where Davutoğlu gave the high speed news: The high speed train will come from Konya, Toroslar to Mersin, from there to Adana and Osmaniye. You will pass the mountains of Yörük plains with camels and caravans through tunnels.

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu attended 34 AK Party provincial congresses in 12 days. He did not finish any of his speeches without good news. Here are those provinces that 'got their share'

3 January Osmaniye:

  • High speed train will come from Konya, Toroslar to Mersin, from there to Adana, Osmaniye. You will pass the mountains of Yörük plains with camels and caravans through tunnels.
  • The longest railway train will be built between the garden and Mount Nur. The distance between the two places will shorten the 10 mileage.
  • Konya, the city where I was born, will pass through the Taurus Mountains and will connect to Mersin by high-speed train through Karaman at the latest in 2016. Istanbul-Konya-Karaman-Mersin will be connected with this project.
  • Mersin will transform it into one of Turkey's largest container port and logistics center.

  • We also instructed Mersin to build at least 2 organized industrial zones.

17 January Muğla:

  • We rebuild the domestic lines to Dalaman Airport. In this way, we will only do in Mugla, Turkey is not the brand of the world.

17 January Aydin:

  • Aydin is committed to helping make the city one of Turkey's rising. The construction of the Çine Adnan Menderes dam was also granted to the Ak Party government.

18 January Tekirdag:

  • I want to give some good news. 5, 10 and XNUMX increase fertilizer support this year.
  • We will make the Tekirdağ-Muratlı railway line double-lined and provide the railway port connection.
  • We are working fast to complete the 175 capacity Tekirdağ marina.

  • We revolutionized agriculture, trade and tourism, and we will continue to do so. I will share some gospels with you now. We increase the additional support of 10 Turkish Liras per acre to soy, canola and safflower to 15 Turkish Liras. We will also include sunflower in this scope.

  • This year, we will include Tekirdağ in the scope of the Project on "Protection of Environmentally Agricultural Lands". In this framework, we will provide producers with 30, 60 and 135 liras per acre.

  • I know that Thrace is waiting for this good news. We reduce the VAT rate of rice from 8 percent to 1 percent.

  • 25 January Batman:

    • The 1.5 billion euro will be completed.
  • We talked to the university rector and I hope we will move Hasankeyf to his new place with all his presence and historical identity.
  • We are planning to open the sports hall with a stadium of 15 thousand people as soon as possible.

  • The organized industrial zone was in its infancy. Now there is an organized industrial zone where thousands of our brothers work. We'il do the second.

  • 25 January in Diyarbakir:

    • We have added 44 kilometers to the 343 kilometer divided road around Diyarbakır. We will complete the ring road as soon as possible.
  • Towards 2023, when the Diyarbakır motorway is completed, Habur and the Mediterranean will be connected, and the Erzincan-Diyarbakır-Mardin line will be established by rail.
  • This year we will open the international terminal, so we will try to make Diyarbakır one of the most important air transportation hubs in the world.

  • The 33 will be built next year.

  • Red lentils, chickpeas, dried beans, we're increasing the support of the support 100 percent. In the use of certified seeds, we will increase the percentage of 20 to 50. We increase the seedling support given to our fruit producers by 50.

  • We have given 42 billion of our grant funds in 3 provinces in Diyarbakır, we will give another 3 billion. We will increase the grant rate on milk and dairy products to 70 percent.

  • 31 January Izmir:

    • Outside Ankara, our prime minister has only one office in Istanbul. Hopefully after the election, we will open a prime ministerial office in İzmir and have some of the meetings in İzmir. I will spend at least a few days a month in Izmir.
  • Izmir-Istanbul highway will be completed as soon as possible.
  • Karşıyaka, Goztepe stats to be completed.

  • When the 2017 is finally completed with the Gulf crossing, the 3.5 hour will be on the Izmir-Istanbul motorway, and the 14 hour on the Ankara-Izmir high-speed train will go down to the 3.5 hour.

  • Konak Tunnel will be completed soon, I will open the place on my first visit to Izmir.

  • The Sabuncubel Tunnel between Izmir and Manisa will be completed.

  • 31 January Manisa:

    • In all of our schools, we have instructed to distribute the fertile, healing Manisa grapes. We make a decision of the Council of Ministers. In all schools, we will distribute raisins for the healthy growth of our children with milk.
  • The gym we built will be completed in April. When I come to Manisa for the rally, we will have opened the hall.
  • We will completely eliminate the delay caused by the tender in the Sabuncubeli Tunnel between İzmir and Manisa. We will complete the tunnel with national resources.

  • We will build the Döğüşören Dam in Köprübaşı as soon as possible.

  • We will launch the 5 thousand housing project that Yunusemre Municipality has implemented with TOKİ.

  • Manisa, Izmir-Ankara high-speed train will be one of the main points. In this way, between Ankara and Manisa will go down to 3 hours.

  • 1 February Denizli:

    • The library in the province is damaged by the earthquake, and we will do 3 thousand square meters library instead.
  • We're building a city hospital with a thousand 205 beds. Aydın-Denizli highway is also completed.
  • Within the framework of the 2023 program, we will try to complete the Izmir-Denizli-Antalya railway.

  • The ongoing construction of the Cindere Dam will be completed as soon as possible.

  • We will carry out studies to make a new stat instead of Denizli Stadium in the center of the city.

  • 1 February Afyonkarahisar:

    • We will finish Afyonkarahisar-Shuhut and Çay-Dinar divided road as soon as possible.
  • Note that you will go to Ankara by high-speed train in 2017. You will go to Izmir by high-speed train in 2019 at the latest. Let's name it here. I never thought, now I'm sharing with you. Let this be called the Istiklal Train.
  • 4 February Kastamonu:

    • We revamped and strengthened Inebolu Port. Now, on top of all this, you have waited for good news from us, let us take these good news forward. First, bureaucratic obstacles related to the Kırık Dam will be removed and the Kırık dam will be built.
  • We are starting to work in March for the construction of the Vehicle Dam, which will irrigate 37 thousand decares of land. In addition, we will present 17 flood protection facilities and 27 ponds to Kastamonu.
  • I will instruct the indoor gym to be done as soon as possible.

  • The Ilgaz Tunnel will be completed as soon as possible and the transportation time between Kastamonu and Çankırı will be shortened by 1 hours.

  • We will complete the construction of the hospital with 400 bed as soon as possible. Medical school hospital problem will also be solved.

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